Function Category Description
DescriptionEVFunctions Deprecated) Obsolete (supported as of BPC10 SP3)  EV functions
EPMFunctions Delivered EPM functions
FPMXLClient.TechnicalCategory System internal use
EPM Functions Description
EPMSaveComment Enables you to enter or modify a comment for a full set of members in a specified cell.
EPMDimensionOverride Overrides the member selection for a specific report.
EPMMemberID Retrieves the unique name of a specified dimension member that is included in a report.
EPMUser Retrieves the login for the specified connection.
EPMEnvDatabaseID Retrieves the name of the environment or database for the specified connection.
EPMModelCubeID Retrieves the name of the model or cube for the specified connection.
EPMAxisOverride Overrides one or more dimensions (and their members) for a specified axis (row or column axis).
EPMCopyRange Enables you to add and repeat the content of a range of cells until you reach the bottom (columns) or right side (rows) of a report.
EPMInsertCellsBeforeAfterBlock Inserts cells before or after a block of members for a specified dimension.
EPMReportOptions Overrides the options for one or more reports.
EPMDimensionProperty Retrieves the properties of a specified dimension in a specified cell range.
EPMMemberDesc Retrieves the description of the specified dimension member.
EPMMemberOffset Retrieves a member related to another member by specifying an offset from a given member to retrieve the previous or subsequent member.
EPMSelectMember Retrieves a specified dimension member when you double-click the cell containing the function.
EPMScaleData Retrieves data for a full set of members and scale the data.
EPMSaveData Enables you to enter or modify a comment for a full set of members.
EPMWorkStatus Retrieves information about the work status for a model and data intersection.
EPMComparison Calculates variances with a sign dependent on the acctype property of the relevant account. For example, if the actual is above the plan value for a revenue account, the variance is positive.
EPMURL Launches the specified web client component.
EPMBook Retrieves a specified text. You can double-click to open a book published in the Planning and Consolidation web client.
EPMLink Displays a specified text, which you can double-click to open a report contained in another file that is an Excel workbook, a Word document, or a PowerPoint presentation. When you double-click the link, the context is passed along.
EPMExecuteAPI Enables you to execute the application programming interfaces (APIs) directly from a worksheet cell.